Into the K-pop music, an era is the time frame in one comeback to help you the following

Into the K-pop music, an era is the time frame in one comeback to help you the following

Conclude fairy

An finish fairy is the member of a K-pop group who the camera lingers on at the end of a performance. The idol holds a pose and looks directly into the camera until it cuts away, sometimes making a gesture such as winking. Usually there is just one ending fairy per performance, but there can be multiple if the close-up shot cuts between two or three members. Like performing aegyo, being the ending fairy can be embarrassing for idols and is sometimes the punishment for losing a game.

Point in time

A get older ends when a K-pop group releases another type of identity tune, of which point yet another time called then song starts. Admirers can get nostalgically keep in mind particular eras, or evaluate their bias’ seems throughout eras.


A great fancam is actually videos that music an individual idol during a group results, enabling fans to follow along with the bias’ all the flow. Seem to test into the portrait form, fancams was filed of the fans and you can music shows the exact same, with official fancams will put-out after phase performances.

K-pop fancams are frequently used to spam threads to your Twitter, derailing postings otherwise drowning away information fans do not want pass on. And also this has got the extra benefit of generating fans’ favorite teams meanwhile.


Fanchants are prepared cheering books that K-pop music admirers follow through the tune performances. They can be words, solutions, otherwise only group members’ labels. Admirers however scream, brighten, and play with each other throughout the K-pop music shows, but fanchants include the newest loudest, and they are an important part of your own performance feel. These types of organized cheers allow admirers to become listed on and show its appreciation due to their idols if you’re nevertheless having the ability to pay attention to her or him play.


Fanmeets is everyday activities with a little audience, normally centering on audience interaction unlike tunes. Idols will play game, answer questions, and could casually perform their songs, doing something including switching bits certainly one of players. Entry to fanmeets are ticketed, and often offered next to concert tickets.


Fansigns try allowed incidents that give K-pop music fans one minute roughly of a single-on-one-time with every person in a team. This allows these to has actually a discussion, rating one thing finalized, and you will potentially offer gift ideas depending upon new activity organizations regulations. Fansigns are not getting mistaken for fanmeets, in which idols interact with all round audience in the place of myself. Members for the fansigns also are chosen by the lotto, compelling devoted admirers to invest in numerous duplicates out of a record in order to increase their chances.

Digit heart

A hand cardio was a gesture in which a guy crosses the thumb and you will index fist to make a tiny V, or the shape of a small cardio. Idols apparently get this gesture so you’re able to fans to point their like and you can like – or to both when they feeling lively.

Tough stans

Tough stans is actually admirers exactly who take pleasure in an excellent K-pop star’s sexual front, and are also the ones who post photographs off idols’ abdominal muscles toward Twitter. Contrast with “mellow stans,” that are more platonic within affections. Softer stans are more likely to phone call idols sexy than naughty, and take pleasure in viewing these with plush toys and you can flaccid sweaters.


A hey-touching is actually a call at-people skills where admirers can also be temporarily actually relate solely to its idols. Group professionals line-up when you find yourself admirers disperse along the line, taking a few seconds provide them a hi-five and maybe blurt out a sentence. Hi-joins usually result shortly after concerts or throughout the fanmeets, and tend to be much faster than simply fansigns.


“Hwaiting” is actually a term out-of reassurance and you can handle, based on the English word “attacking.” Idols get say so it so you can equipment by themselves up before you take this new phase, or even strengthen the people whenever faced with a difficult video game.

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