Tok STOM – Plums brandy with herbs


70 cl



Alc. vol:


The herb is specific for its uniqueness, in its essence it is a symbiosis of herbs and plums. With a special process of cold maceration, it was made in the form of a real masterpiece with the synergy of 16 types of medicinal herbs. Maceration is performed in the distillate obtained by the process of fractional distillation on a rectification column, which achieves the neutrality of the plum distillate and emphasizes the characteristics of the plant itself. The compactness of the finesse of all the plants, which are equally intense in this harmony of delicious notes, subtly complement each other, making this drink unique. Fresh herbal notes, although clear, finely covered with soft patina: the smell of hay and freshly mowed meadows. The drink has a rich taste, full, almost creamy, and fulfills the promises of the scent. Elegance and strength. Youth and maturity. Luxury and moderation. All in the same bottle.

Aromatic cheeses with blue mold, such as gorgonzola, will go great with this herb, just like its spicy notes with game specialties.

We recommend that you serve Stom slightly chilled, at a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees, exclusively in narrow, tall glasses.