Tok Šljivova prepečenica – Plums brandy


70 cl



Alc. vol:


The 4-year-old plum toast evokes the seductive floral aromas of the Čačak native plum, with a hint of oak tannins. Golica palate with a silky and subtly sharp taste, and in symphony with spicy fragrant notes, is a first-class brandy. Dominant tones of wood, clean and pleasant, fused in a firm embrace with Čačak beauty and Valjevka have an intense scent. All distillates are aged in new barrels. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. The effectiveness of all aromas is proven in the united taste. Everything in Tok is bound, with a strong fruity character, some ripe, fully ripe plums. As the Tok is naturally connected to the riverbed. Spontaneous, without forcing.

Both soft and hard white cheeses emphasize the grainy tones of this first-class toast, and you can also add beef prosciutto. Meat lovers can combine it with white chicken, roasted or cooked pork.

Tulip-shaped glasses are ideal for serving, and Tok can be consumed immediately, at a temperature of 15 degrees. Also, decanting is not necessary.