Gorda Dunja – Quinces brandy


70 cl



Alc. vol:


Raw material: Single-raw (deriving from a single variety quince). The best quince fruits are hand-picked and selected when they reach the most optimal technological maturation (the harmonic relationship between sugars and acids).

Micro localization: central-eastern Serbia (Mala Jasikova, slopes of Deli Jovan).

Variety: 100% autochthonous “Leskovačka dunja” (Quince of Leskovac).

Processing: The first step of processing involves that the fruits are pressed until a pulp is obtained. After that, this must is left to ferment.

Fermentation: at a controlled temperature, by means of of the action of selected yeasts and enzymes (controlled fermentation ).

Distillation: distillation column (triple distillation).

Aging: three years in oak and steel barrels stainless steel distributed as follows: 30% stainless steel, 40% barrels 500 liter oak and 30% medium wine barrique – 225 liter roasting (coupage).


Color: antique gold

Bouquet: intoxicating and intense bouquet of quince
grated, with oak vanilla aldehyde elements
which refer to cardamom, marzipan and berries
White chocolate.

Taste: balanced, smooth, with a long and aftertaste
persistent of ripe quince that blends perfectly
harmony with more pronounced alcoholic scents.