Gorda Šljiva 2013 – Plums brandy


70 cl



Alc. vol:


Raw material: Single-raw (deriving from a single variety of plums). The raw material comes from ours plantations of twenty hectares where the variety is grown Serbian “Čačanska Rodna”. The best plum fruits are hand-picked and selected when they reach the most optimal technological maturation (the harmonic relationship between sugars and acids).

Micro localization: Gornji Milanovac

Variety: 100% “Čačanska Rodna”
Processing: The first step requires that the fruits are pitted and pressed until a pulp is obtained. After that, this must is left to ferment.
Fermentation: at a controlled temperature without the addition of selected yeasts and enzymes (spontaneous fermentation).

Distillation: takes place through a system combined with distillation column and copper alembic (triple distillation).

Aging: 7 years in oak barrels worked “a splitting”(500 liters).



Color: warm amber tone

Bouquet: intense, enveloping, sweet and balanced
bouquet. Initially, a strong hint of plum with the
its citrus and refreshing notes. Immediately after, fragrance
of lightly roasted coffee, vanilla, marzipan and fruit
shell with delicate aromas of tobacco and leather.

Taste: rich, soft, balanced. At a first
instance, dominate the taste of plum, dried fig,
of roasted coffee, with vanilla aldehyde elements of
oak. The aftertaste is rounded off with an elegant hint
and silky citrus, fruit jam, coffee
lightly toasted and cocoa. Pleasantness and
persistence of these notes invite a second