Gorda Kajsija – Apricots brandy


70 cl



Alc. vol:


Raw material: Single-raw (deriving from a single variety of apricots). The best apricot fruits are hand-picked and selected when they reach the most optimal technological maturation (the harmonic relationship between sugars and acids).

Micro localization: Miokovci, Čačak

Variety: 100% native “Madjarska najbolja” (The best of Hungary).

Processing: the first step requires that the fruits are pitted and pressed until a pulp is obtained. After that, this must is left to ferment.

Fermentation: at a controlled temperature, by means of the action of selected yeasts and enzymes (controlled fermentation ).

Distillation: distillation column (triple distillation).

Aging: from 6 to 12 months in stainless steel barrels.


Color: transparent

Bouquet: fruity, intense and enveloping bouquet of aromas
delicate that recall the freshness of the fruit of
apricot, some white tulips, with a slight
balanced alcoholic scent.

Taste: very balanced, dense and delicate at the same
time. A first taste opens to the fresh aromas of
apricot fruit and the pleasant notes of hazelnut.
After that, the aftertaste is rounded off with a hint of
apricot jam, nuts and anise.