Golden Tok 10 – Plum brandy

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The 10-year-old plum brandy is a masterful composition of the varieties Požegača, Crvene ranke and Čačanska rodne. The decade-long story of aging the distillate stands behind every bottle of Zlatni Tok 10. Its history is 9 years in a barrel, and then 1 year in a barrel. This unique blend that we are especially proud of is a true representative of quality. Zlatni Tok 10 is a first-class brandy that spent its best years in an oak barrel, as his bride. Gradationally added distillates, aesthetic appeal of the packaging and elegance of the taste itself, is what makes this drink different. The jewel among brandies, the color of old oak, becomes a unit of measurement for luxury. Its impressiveness fascinates the spirit with its characteristics, so production is limited to only 700 bottles per year. Sailing on this golden stream that pleases all the senses, is the secret of this brandy.

Duck and stuffed meat will go great with Zlatni Tok 10. Also, chocolate desserts with nuts will make the sweet aromatic and fruity tones almost palpable.

You can leave this old plum toast in the glass for about three minutes after pouring for decanting. Taste at 18 to 20 degrees in cognac or tulip glasses.