Zlatni Tok 05 – Plums brandy


70 cl



Alc. vol:


Plum toast, woven from the highest quality varieties of plums, Crvena ranka and Požegača. –
The perfectly balanced taste of plum toast Zlatni Tok is composed of 170 delicious notes recorded so far, from bean woody to sweet aromatic, spicy, fruity and floral. The youngest distillate in this masterfully executed blend is 5 years old. Each distillate used for the blend Zlatni Tok 05, was aged in a barrel in which the distillate had already aged. As a result of aging and aging of distillates in oak barrels, the primary smell of toast is transformed into a refined noise

The colors of old gold, this brandy, hides skill. The numbering 05 in its name means that we do not leave anything to chance. The art of making brandy in the Tok Distillery was first applied in the 1970s. In that spirit, Zlatni Tok was not produced, but was made in small series.

The fruity tones of Zlatni Tok 05 go perfectly with jam and marmalade, and the woody tones will come to the fore with oily fish, lamb and beef.

For serving, choose a wide cognac glass or a tulip-shaped glass, and for complete enjoyment, we recommend a temperature of 15-18 degrees and a short decanting in a glass (lasting about two minutes).