How rakija was born

There is written evidence of brandy production in Serbia since 1354

The plum was brought to the Balkans from Asia Minor by Alexander the Great. The Serbs continued to cultivate it and during the Turkish rule suppressed viticulture. With the Ottoman Empire, fruit species such as peaches, apricots, medlars and oranges arrived in our region and copper cauldrons began to be used.
It is known that the rulers of the Nemanjić house and their closest relatives were the first Serbs who had the opportunity to try what we now call komovice, lozovača and travarica, but it was drunk only for curative purposes.
In the second half of the 16th century there was a great leap in the production of brandy in Serbia, since then there was the development of fruit growing, which gives importance to the production of brandy. Since then, Serbia has become one of the most dedicated countries to this drink and since then, for the first time, more brandy has been drunk than wine, which we can thank for the further flowering of this drink.
Brandy quickly became a favorite Serbian drink and began to be drunk in style. In the new metropolitan headquarters in Belgrade, it was noted that the brandy was served from “columnar” glasses.

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