About us

The first distributors of Serbian brandy

We are the first to have started the importation of fine fruit brandies from Serbia to Italy, better known as “Rakija”, a typical alcoholic drink obtained from the distillation of fermented fruit.

Products with a centuries-old tradition

We decided to start from that specific area of ​​the Balkans, as Serbia has a centuries-old tradition in the production of Rakija, as well as an ideal climate for the cultivation of fruit trees; the latter raw material, as well as an essential requirement for obtaining a high quality brandy.


Learn more about the history of “rakija”

The plum was brought to the Balkans from Asia Minor by Alexander the Great. The Serbs continued to cultivate it and during the Turkish rule suppressed viticulture. With the Ottoman Empire, fruit species such as peaches, apricots, medlars and oranges arrived in our region and copper cauldrons began to be used.